Summer Bootcamp

No prior experience is necessary for any of the courses. However, even if your child already has experience, the courses will remain not just fun but challenging, as they are built to adapt to your child’s abilities.

As a parent, by signing up your kid for this course, we will dive into different fields to find what's important to your child. Passions inside a young mind build a stronger foundation for seeds of the future. You’re going to help your kid find what truly resonates with him on the inside to find your passions as a young brain is a gift.

Programming toys

06/12-06/15 9am-12pm

Learn how to code in different languages, without any prior knowledge, to be able to move toys such as the Sphero and Ollie in real life. We’ll learn how to make them move in specific ways to be able to pass through physical and intellectual challenges.
Skills learned: Basic programming with Tynker, spatial awareness development, logical reasoning, and collaborative puzzle solving.

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Video game creation

07/03-07/06 9am-12pm

Using Scratch, learn how to recreate your favorite video games from the ground up by writing the coding structure behind the scenes. Discover and overcome the challenges involved in making each part of the games work perfectly.
Skills learned: Basic programming with Scratch, deconstruction of ideas and execution through a linear chain-reaction system, logical reasoning, and increase in imagination. Expressible

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Art theory, Concept art

07/10-07/13 9am-12pm

Learn how to envision and design a character in details, which includes the physical appearance, clothing, accessories and gadgets, and much more. We’ll learn the basics of psychology and we’ll convey the character’s personality, emotions and background story through art.
Skills learned: Perspective drawing, detailed character development, deductive and psychological reasoning, and increase in imagination.

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Acting class

with focus on different methods

08/07-08/10 9am-12pm

Learn about different acting techniques to develop a profound connection with the character’s personality and emotions, as well as the their connection with the story. We’ll be learning and applying method acting, Stanislavski’s system, Lee Strasberg’s method, practical aesthetics, improvisation, and many more.
Skills learned: Character development, emotional empathy and vulnerability, improvisation, confidence growth, and vocal training.

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Special effects

Level: Beginner

07/03-07/06 9am-12pm

Learn the history of special effects and apply to various projects, and learn the basics of video software to stitch everything into a final project. The course will foster the expression of creative storytelling through abstract video ideas.
Skills learned: Analysis and appreciation of past technological limits, creative problem solving, camera perspective and movements, collaborative reasoning, and increase in imagination.

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Stop motion animation

Level: Beginner

07/17-07/20 9am-12pm

For kids who didn’t get the chance to participate in our first workshop in May, we are offering the workshop once again. The course will consist of learning about the process of making a stop motion animation come to life, which includes brainstorming and storyboarding, as well as creating the video and audio from scratch. Kids will learn how to use various materials to create the characters and the background, and compile the whole stop motion in the app Stop Motion Studio.
Skills learned: Basic animation with Stop Motion Studio, sculpting, brainstorming, storyboarding, creative problem solving, audio recording, and video compiling.

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Music theory and jam

07/31-08/03 9am-12pm

Music theory is a non-traditional perspective that is exciting, insightful, and will be immediately applicable to express through instruments, with no prior instrument knowledge. The course will deal with analyzing emotion to decode music theory, develop a keen ear through musical puzzles, and collaborate with other students through the language of music.
Skills learned: Music theory, collaborative improvisation and composition, confidence growth, emotional and artistic expression, ear training, and development of musical curiosity.

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